New Time Lines and New Calibration Codes : : Ascension Energetics Update/Kachina*blue*star

We bring to you now messages of the forthcoming solar flare ‘change’

frequency dynamics, and the initialization of processes within your form 
that are harnessing the New Light, and sequencializing this New Light into
patterns of inter-dimensional geometries that enable lattice-braiding structures affiliating all Times Lines and all New Light Calibration Codes.
You are magnetically resonating with the New Light Pillar architectures, and thus providing proto-containment form to enhance stabilization of said structures. This is the next 3 week period of your “linear” time, though you are increasingly moving laterally out of said “linear time”.
Bear with this process, we understand that it is brutal for some of you, those in particular bridging the old and new harmonics. There is still a great deal of transmutation of the collective in the process, and the healing of timelines from all ancestry, think of a person holding hundreds of balloons by thin strings, and the strings have some knots and tangles which must be ‘forcibly’ freed. This is what you are feeling in your bodies and in the headlines of your collective news, the re-calibration of your frequency to “complete” flow in all dimensions. You are finished with containment and 
separateness. You are in a process of unification at the cellular level.
As this progresses within each of you individually, so shall the collective mirror the biological changes. Your bodies are literally being re-wired.
In the next 4 months most of this initial stabilization of the 5d wiring foundationing shall be in place. Have patience, dear Ones.
Pax Adonai. We are the Messangers of the El’ohim
(thru Kachina*blue*star/Daphne’ Karan Daniz)


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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