Nova Gaia Energetics have “Taken Flight”

we shall miss you EirePort for your wonderful service, I participated in Ankh~oring the TerraNova via flight to California via Minneapolis from Boston, Mass (mass) Jan 10-12 2014, and saw the establishment of Golden Light Coding frequentials all around me. Bringing W ==> E California gold to East Coast old (guard)

many blessings, kachina*blue*star/daphne’


gaia_energy1Nova Gaia Energetics have “taken flight”, as former paradigm energy grids have closed, and necessary Nova Gaia portals have opened.

Energetics are now fully aligned with Ascendant Gaia.

Timelines are now integrated into a single stream, and all discrepancies healed.

Nova Gaia has been boarded, and Hue-manity has accepted fully invitation for the “Higher Ride”.

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divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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