Blue*Star*Lady* ~~ New Opportunity for Soul Rays

This time has as its focus the bringing together of those elements of your soul spectrum that have laid outside of your perceivable access and ability to tap into. The forthcoming months bring a new opportunity for those soul rays to combine and herald a new frequency and magnetic that enables the cluster of resonances to magnetize experiences heretofore un-available to the soul.

We would say to you that it is of paramount importance to take the time and inclination “to self” and the private time and quietude this necessitates. Only in so doing can one then begin to access the inner recesses of the Higher Mind and Heart, and receive guidance and direction from within.
In your culture, you’ve been constantly bombarded with external stimuli to the point that now fully 24/7 of your hours are swimming in ‘info’. You must begin to limit exposure to those vibrations which do not serve your Higher Core Essence. This is not in the attitude of judgement, but rather refinement of vibration and discernment, for the road of the spiritual mountain is a road of climbing to ever more rarefied altitudes, and all cannot be dragged up the mountain with you.
In the coming months, much outwardly shall change, the structurings that have harnessed much energy and attention and focus from many in the world shall begin to reveal their very shaky foundations. For the foundations are all frequency-based, and the Gaian Grids have been recalibrated enough at this point, to begin major shut-down of systems that are running on the fuel of fear.
Yes, fear is a huge fuel, it is a low density and very easily harnessed by those who are adept at such manipulations. This is yet another reason to be careful what you allow into your personal space, your personal sphere. The great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda is known to have said “environment is stronger than willpower”, and you are now learning to turn and tune your Essence to the vibration which has not to do with the exterior world, but the Interior Knowing.
Take this time of the last part of winter then (for those in the north) to re-dedicate yourselves to inner practice, to the inner sanctum. You shall need the strength and sustenance this shall nurture in you for the days ahead will be fraught with many challenges indeed, and you must learn to absolutely rely on your connection to God Self in a connection of sovereignty.
we are the El’ohim through this one,


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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