Blue*Star*Lady* ~~ Indecision and the Nexus Point of NOW Beginnings ~~

18 January 2014

We take a moment to share with you some views from the angelic realm of the situation that many of you find yourselves in at present, that being the toggling point between the Old World of 3d form, and the New World of your own making and design. 

And we would say to you that this is a big deal, and a big step, for you have successfully navigated the requisite steps to allow enough of a disengagement from the old that the new can come to the fore in your mind’s eye and in your heart.
It is this place of the High Heart (to borrow from Denise Le Fay’s expression) that we speak, it is the place of the beginning of the child’s play and the genius of the unencumbered child. What do we mean by this? It is the freedom to create and explore the inner facets of one’s True Being free from the cage and imprisonment of the opinions of others, the restrictions of others, the nay-saying of others. For you are a group of Sojourners who is learning to fly (see Lisa Gawlas’ newest post)
Your wings are as yet un-tried, and you are tired from your long trip that has brought you to this place of understanding. But you ARE “understanding”, that is, you are the platform of your own standing, or at least a good deal of the time now. Gone are the days of your reliance on that mirroring outside into consensus reality for what you know deep inside to be the truth of Yourself, which is a magnificent creator being.
Now, you have chosen to go about this Awakening in a kind of group, as it were, and you have teamed together with those others of like ideas and frequencies to hold and calibrate both for each other, and specific places on the Gaian grid/template. 
In the days and weeks coming you shall increasingly connect with those others with whom you have soul agreements to build NewEarth and NewTerra, for her constructs do not rest upon that which has been before, but upon that which is to come, with you now and the new ones to be birthed upon this planet.
Know that the energies to support you only become stronger from here, the energies of Light only stronger, and the “shake out” of the old, will, yes, make itself felt, and raise its head, but what dirt desires to be dislodged from the garment that has housed it? You have decided collectively no longer to play host to those energetics which would hamper you and damp down your brilliance, and you are “Stepping Out” (think the Joe Jackson song) into the light. And you shall make the Night bright as day for your inner luminosity is as a beacon herald, your inner Son/Sun blazes forth now in the unfolding of New Codes of calibration imprinted on your awakening DNA templates.
You are merely at the very very beginnings of your new abilities, and they shall be coming on-line for you more and more quickly. The more you can TRUST your instinctual inner guidance in every moment, your internal GPS, the more on track you’ll be with the manifestation of your soul’s trajectory, with the braiding of your abilities to posit you in the most magnificent here and now.
When you Decide to trust yourself, your soul takes you on marvelous meanderings (think Auntie Mame, “what adventures we shall have”)
Your soul journey is about to become very magical, indeed!!
We are the El’ohim through 


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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