Blue*Star*Lady* ~~The Challenge of Commanding Your Center~~

Increasingly, as we move toward integration of the Higher Frequency dynamics

of the new ISON codes, we will find pressed to the surface of our consious personality experience

those factors and situations which shall attempt to thwart and compromise, ie,

distort and lower our frequency, in order to pull us out of peaceful equilibrium.


We are entering into

the time of true Mastery, as we must first stabilize HOW we are responding, no matter

WHAT the exteriorized circumstance. This is vitally important, as many of us are Light Anchors

and Pillars and are necessary and needed to function as the New Rock of Peter (Christ Foundation)

as the old 3d foundations begin to implode in earnest in the next 4 months. We are needed precisely

because there are many in the population at large who will go into tail spins and “freak outs” as the

systems they have based their lives upon begin to fragment and dissolve in ways they thought unimaginable.


If we are still looking to ANYONE or ANYTHING outside of ourselves for support, energy, or validation of truth, and

sovereign connection to God-Source, we must

wean ourselves of that now. Your connection to self is interior to you and you alone, and as you learn to

achieve mastery in this domain you will increasingly pull into your sphere of experience only those persons

and situations which reflect mastery of the lower levels, ie, polarity and drama, power struggles, conflict, etc.


These are still fragments of unresolved issues of the yellow ray (power over others/domination) and must be cleared before

one can then stabilize one’s frequency at the green ray, the ray of Balanced Compassion. Balanced compassion has

no DESIRE, no obligation, no wants, no needs, it simply is the tranquility of peace and serenity, of acceptance. With

the new Codes of ISON unveiling their gifts for us in terms of DNA magnetics, we are being asked to step up to a higher

vision of Love, a higher vision of Wisdom (applied Love + Knowledge = Wisdom)


In the coming weeks we shall be tested, and the ante upped, be still, be with self, all is well. 


We are the El’ohim through this one, 









divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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