Blue*Star*Lady* ~~ Re-Visioning the “Past” ~~

22 January 2014

We speak to you now about the experiences you’ve come to regard as your “past”, this alignment of continuity of memory, of experience, that serves to show a certain kind of ebb, flow, and linearity, thereby allowing definition, and fabric of assimilation of frequency nuance, all brought together in a tangible “mesh” of thought/feeling/time/place.

You insist upon this signature of experience, that it somehow identifies the “who” of you, but we would say to you, that this is only true of the Game of Who You are Playing To Be (at that moment).
Now, all moments are Up for Re-Visioning, yes, re-seeing, re-making, re-fashioning, re-architecting. You are NOT any longer the “product” of anyone, or anything. There are no longer any outside influences that define you, save those you allow to continue this perpetration of containment of your life experience and vibratory vessel.
We realize these are big concepts we promulgate at this juncture, and yet, these are very much the stuff of the Zero Point. You are a not linearly prescribed coagulation of conscious any longer. You are now Permissiveness incarnate, and the lessening of the pressurization fields of TerraNova/NewEarth will allow, increasingly, the residence of Divine Self in the perpetual NOW moment, in other words, apart from any and all memory which is held in the cellular body matrix structure. 
Over the coming weeks there shall be, for those who so choose, the “system-reset-button” pushed in their life-streams, and not only memory, but also loopings of all old, contained and non-functioning reverberation patterns, dismantled. This is the initiation of preparation of the collapse of the Old Field Forms of Collective Morphogenetic Consciousness (see Children of the Sun’s website article of Nov. 2013)
Much is ahead, and outwardly your systems of manifestation, your banking structures, your distribution conduits, your foundations of the “systems” of reality will begin to reflect this “cutting loose” from the moorings of energetic Gaian support.
Because of this, the time upcoming is bound to be in certain measures more than a little chaotic, and this is why the intense preparation endured by those who went through the “toothpaste tube” squeezing sensations, that, literally, the lower vibrational “fear” was purged, expunged, from the body physical.
This preparation has thus provided a certain kind of solace, quietude, and buffer against the oncoming “storm” of the collective consciousness which is rather more unprepared in many ways.
Now many will turn to those who are as Beacons of Light and Stability in this time of the Great Changes, for indeed, these are fast upon us now. We are as a fishing vessel out at sea, and great “sea legs” are required to maintain equilibrium and balance. 
No matter WHAT the outside circumstance, strive at all times to create and keep a peaceful and harmonious energetic in your space and home, this cannot be stressed enough.
As always we are with you at the time of this Great Deliverance in the Greater Life of Participation of Your Evol (love) : : ution.
In Blessing, we are the El’ohim with this One ~~
Kachina*blue*star/daphne’ karan daniz


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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