Blue*Star*Lady* ~~Yours for the Making~~

23 January 2014

First there was stillness, and the quietude gave rise to stirring, and stirring to waves of modulation, and modulation to frequency, and frequency to focus and focus to precipitation, ie, matter. Thus we have the translation pathway from Energy into ==> Matter.

We all do this. It does not ‘matter’ whether we understand it or not, whether we’re conscious of it or not, we are the carriers of frequency and we have amassed a consciousness and blanket of life experiences that is a reflection of decisions, all, “good”, “bad”, “indifferent”, nevertheless they are all posited and flushed out on a tapestry we call experience, life, drama, karma. 
We have set physicality in motion. Now. What. Would. It.Take.?
For you to understand that YOU change the motion and precipitation of events by the e-motion surrounding them? Emotion sets events into
motion. Yes. What you energize, you manifest. Pure and simple.
You cannot “change gears” of dimensionality, of the fabric of your experience, unless you FIRST “go into neutral and disengage” from the old pattern, habit, familiarity. Otherwise you continue to “drive” along in the same 3d rut you’ve always been in.
Same sh*t in, same sh*t out, as the old adage goes. But let’s think about starting from right where you are now. Not DOing anything different, not yet. But BEing someone different. Learning to BE, learning to observe, learning to find your own Centerpoint, your own center of gravity. This gives you tremendous power, because you are then not at the EFFECT of circumstances outside of you, you become the CAUSATION factor, the Creator, the progenitor of your own experience.
You are learning to become your “own Artist” of your Canvas of your Own Life. 
This is YOUR canvas, not anyone else’s, and though eventually you’ll include others in your life tapestry, you must FIRST establish who is doing the painting, who is holding the paintbrush.
Our culture is steeped in codes and traditions which have taught that those outside of ourselves have the “right” to tell us what is best for us, how we should be spending our time, what we should be wearing, what we should be thinking, saying, feeling, expressing. 
We have come to a point in time/space, the Zero Point, where all this ceases to have grounding in the frequency of NewEarth, Gaia. She is now insisting that we, along with her, establish our inner sovereignty, inner sanctum, inner equilibrium.
As we begin to do this, energetic miracles are magnetized, and we begin to Dance our Own Dance. Not the dance directed from outside of ourselves by another, but Our Own unique expression of our authentic Personhood.
Only in this way can the true gifts of genius we are all endowed with be shown the light of day. Until then, they are untapped potentials, waiting for expression. Waiting for the opportunity to speak, write, sculpt, sing, perform, compose, architect, arrange, design, fashion, make.
No one gives you permission. You wait only for YOURSELF. You are now the voice of Authority. You have become the AUTHOR of your own life.
we are the El’ohim with this One,
Kachina*blue*star/daphne’ kara daniz 


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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