Blue*Star*Lady* ~~ Clear the Runway! ~~

24 January 2014

We see you now, not as you see yourselves, but as one who has an overarching view of the entirety of the panoramic view before them. And that is, your life is not, never has been, without purpose, divine plan, and architecture. It’s just that, when you are on the tarmac, and still preparing to get your luggage onto the aircraft, you cannot see what you eventually WILL see when you achieve some altitude, some height, some perspective.

These months now are transitional. The old fetters of linearity are quickly falling to the wayside, and it actually takes a kind of ‘sustained old effort’ to contain oneself in the shackles of old thinking.
The New Effort/Flow is not really effort so much as intention, and then focus on alignment and flow. It’s akin to something called a “random-dot-stereogram” which was popular in the early 90s, you had to pull it slowly away from your face inch by inch and practice focusing the depth perception of both your left and right eyes. 
Magically, when this was achieved, a 3d image would appear out of the “random dots” (hence the name). Now this analogy is one that can be used for the process so many of you are experiencing, for you are learning to balance the male/female, the doing/being of the NOW Zero Point nature, and in so doing, you are allowing a much larger world to open up to you, a world that is not so bounded by intellectual/mental “controlled” images of what could be in the past.
This is being made possible by divine timing, by the intense Photonic Waves of energy which are now permeating the space of mother Earth, our Solar system, and Galaxy. We have been switched “on”, Comet ISON has delivered her Light Calibrations of higher light frequency, and our DNA is being upgraded to hold more information, more ability, more youth, more vigor, more talent, more genius. You are, in effect, physically changing your organism in this very moment.
(For more info specifically related to the biology of Ascension, pls see the work of Denise Le Fay, and Sandra Walter)
So, what does all this mean in a waking reality? How does the daily life “pattern” reflect this great influx of energy and light? These are apt and unique questions that are very much specific to the individual, however there do seem to be some overarching themes which we’ll relate here:
Days and timing of events are more fluid, meaning, the natural expression of events is wanting to flow, as opposed to being contained, or restricted. Remember, we’re shifting from thousands of years of left-brained “male” influence whereby the mental constructs controlled the Heart/mind, and these are being systematically dismantled.
A desire for more quiet, more alone time, or time in nature and solitude. This is natural, as one needs the autonomy of self in order to understand the inner, organic, biological changes which are taking place and hold in the body.
A need for animal companions, body work, a distancing from chatter and things/circumstances which do not inherently nurture, or uplift the Spirit. A desire for play, for beauty, for color, for joy, for fun.
This this the inner child coming back to life and to love, and establishing the Golden Heart/Lion Codes in full residence of the Heart/mind.
We would say to you to orchestrate your lives according to what gives pleasure, joy, and movement of energy, and in so doing, watch the synchronicity which bounds forth. Learn to trust, and to “let forth and let flow”, learn to trust your own inner instincts at all times and in all places.
An opening to the words/inspirations of the Angelic Realm. You are all earthly aspects of the Angelic Realm, it’s just that you’ve been taught you’re not connected, or have lost the connection. This is now being re-established en mass over the next 24 months.
The gridwork, the “electrical system” of Gaia has been recalibrated and the basic foundations are in place now. This is allowing the Next Wave of Wayshowers to take up their posts/missions.
This means the Old Guard, the First Wave of Wayshowers now gets to change gears, and regenerate, and reintegrate the last 2 years of service work.
The First Wave handled many of the more intensive physical ascension symptoms, transmuting much of the familial, and historical and regional karmas/dross of given places and soul groups. The 2nd wave will have an easier go of it, these folks seem to be in their 20s and 30s at the present point. 
We leave you with these thoughts to ponder, wishing you with the best of the Old and New Worlds, for you are to build a “bridge” in your yourselves and bring Heaven to Earth!
we are the El’ohim with this One,
Kachina*blue*star*/daphne’ kara daniz


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

One thought on “Blue*Star*Lady* ~~ Clear the Runway! ~~

  1. Very appropriate insights for myself and many others I’m sure. I also appreciate the punctuality . Very comforting and a very needed delivery. Blessings…

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