Blue*Star*Lady* ~~The Grandmothers Speak ~~

26 January 2014
~~ You May Choose to Go with Gaia Now ~~

We are of the ancient lineages of Old. We are of the stellar influences. We are not separate from you, and never have been, but we watch, as you have lost your way in the game you have played, and  the gametime is now up.

When there is no harmony, no balance, you suffer, and there has not been harmony, nor balance, with Gaia for a very long time. It is as if you do not know her, are separate from her, do not know that you life and your loves all depend on infinite support from her.
The wisdom, now, of the elements is back to assist you, the wisdom of the elements even within your own body-temple, for you are made of stuff of the star creators, and it is vibrationally quickening now, it is up-tempoing, and the thoughts, feelings, and parameters in which you have lived your life, these shall no longer serve you. You are being called to expand, for you to connect with the elements of nature, and your own deeper natures, which is in confluence with all of Greater Good.
The lineages of old were tribal, and somewhat nomadic, they resonated with the seasons, and the flux of The Dreamtime. Your collective dreamtime is highly technological at this point, you are collectively dreaming on this thing, your Internet.
In the laws of the universe when enough e-motion, passion, is thrust toward an idea, that idea becomes a “thing”, a precipitation, a tangible. So, we would say, be careful of these “idea things” for they are alive, they have frequency and focus and intent. All try to nest, to penetrate, as the sperm to the egg, all try to fertilize and bring to life.
What would you have brought to life? Your soul yearns to learn, it can learn in a myriad of ways. You must choose the path, shall it be difficult? Shall it be joyous? 
The Earth, Gaia, she also, has her Dream, and her dream is to move up, and forward, and she has, and is doing that now, you can see evidence of this in your climate changes, in what is happening with your sun, with the changes in the quality of Light that are present here, and in your very cells. Your blood codes, your building-matrix, is being accelerated, is being amplified, is being guided to evolve to carry inter-dimensional Light Frequency. 
You may choose to go with Her, Gaia, now. But you must choose to activate your body, your wisdom, your heart. You must ALLOW, and you must flow, you must come to know that wisdom is known by the feeling it makes in your heart. To go to those things, places and people who resonate in your Heart, and to leave those things, places and people who do not. 
For it is not the time for all to step onto the boat right now. There will be other boats. But this one must leave the port. Make your preparations.
A new journey unfolds for you in the guidance of your heart-compass, your heart GPS.
{more specific information to follow in next post on “the Window 26 Jan ~ 13 Feb of the Golden Heart Wings ~ from the Grandmothers}
~~the Grandmothers~~ through
Kachina*blue*star* / daphne’ karan daniz


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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