Blue*Star*Lady* ~~Old Densities Taking Time to “Unwrap”~~

We speak to you now about upcoming changes. You shall see them in your firmament, in your skies, they will be energetic in nature, but also physically palpable. You are being prepared to take in much more resonance, much more frequency, and the platforms of New Gaia, New Earth, are now holding and containing these new vibrations for those who have done the requisite calibration work to amplify, correlate, and harmonize.

You shall feel your body shifting, you shall feel the interior heat, but also the senses of the stoppage of time, and the ability to access other spaces/places of dimensionality. All is becoming much more fluid, more malleable, more digestible, in terms of building.
The older densities are taking time to “unwrap” from their containing of your energetic signatures. Imagine a lawn that has been upturned, and yet the clumps of grass and dirt and root systems are still contained in pieces of earth which are several inches across. But there is a difference between these pieces and the old infrastructure, for these are now “floating” in a sea of higher dimensionality. They are not “anchored” anymore to the greater matrix.
This is indeed what is happening now. 
we are the Council of the Elohim through this One
Kachina*blue*star / daphne’ karan daniz
**limited sessionwork is available**
**pls contact**


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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