Blue*Star*Lady* ~~In the Water~~

In times of transition, there is no old shore, no old handhold, no old familiar platform. it’s as if you’re in the water, not IN the lifeboat, but next to it, you can make out its shape and form, and you know you’ll be alright, but you are very very tired, and the process of maneuvering yourself from the deck of the large ocean-going vessel to the cold North Atlantic has taken pretty much everything out of you.

No one thought the Titanic would go down, that it was an “unsinkable” ship. But she did, and once she hit that fateful iceberg, she sank within 2 hrs. 
So, many might ask : are we in the water yet?
Well, in one sense we are, it’s just that people are recognizing it on their own schedule, some much ahead of others, and that is as it ought be, for some have come in to anchor and vibrate according to codings and divine knowledge that is ahead of schedule of the mass awakening.
According to the work of Almine, this means that the “brakes” have already been applied, and were, back in Feb 2013, but as anyone knows who drives a car, you don’t stop on a dime (or turn the Titanic on a dime, either!)
From the El’ohim: We would say to you to be prepared to do things in other ways, to take stock of your situation from the place of your own perception and realize that the old ways are unraveling. 
When water begins to boil, and change states (ie, ascend) it does not do so all at once. Watch a pot of water begin to boil, watch the small bubbles form on the bottom of the pan, and feel the steam emerging from the top of the surface of the water. What is happening with ascension consciousness is very akin to the process you are witnessing on your stovetop.
You are in the “water” now and the water is doing something it’s not done in your lifetime before.
we are the El’ohim through this One
Kachina*Blue*Star*/daphne’ karan daniz




divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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