Blue*Star*Lady* ~~Room without a Roof: Dismantling the Pylons of Old Guard 3d Architecture~~

March 1, 2014

Dates in preparation for the “the Event” of dismantling the Old Guard Pylons of 3d Architecture
2.22, 3.03, 3.14, 3.21, 3.30, 4.04, 5.05
We look now at stair-stepping into Divine Galactic Synchronization enabling the Higher Intelligences of Light Consciousness to ANKHor into your fields, bodies, and connecting Gaia with the Heaven/Earth bridge in a *physical manner*
The time draws near for those of you who have so chosen, to disengage from all affairs which are not in alignment with your Heart 24/7 ~~ for the Ascension is not a “sometimes” event, it is an everything, everytime event and stabilizations are now being required at ever higher frequency calibrations. 
Your body’s ability to hold Light and transmute, transport, transcend, is increasing steadily. Interior stillness and quietude is important in the coming days, as outer events prepare for crescendo. Go to the “inner Eye/I” of the storm and you’ll be untouched. Your safety, sanctuary, well-being is in the Zero-point I AM consciousness.  You are NOT at the effect of circumstances about and around you, you are Divine Source stilling the storm, mitigating the potentiated chaos of externals. Know this.
There must needs be “housecleaning” on the outer levels now, as Earth is vibrationally in 5d and many upon her in consciousness and structure are not, and vibrating in dis-harmony and schism, this must be “spun out” as one would evidence water spinning out of clothes in a washer.
There is nothing to fear, but everything to relax into, breathe, and KNOW that all is well and “on schedule”. You are designed to be here in this point and intersection of personal and collective events. You have designed this of your own choosing and making.
The collective is about to upgrade to the 3.14 Pi, the Spiral Consciousness, and this will be introduced on that date, implemented on the 3.21, experienced by many on the 3.30, and “fastened” into the Gaian grids on the 4.04. All is frequency and All is moving up and away from the collective
bog-down of the past centuries. Timelines are releasing and realizing untanglement, free to co-create interdimensionally with the assenting/ascending nod of those in Co-Creation with Gaia.
This is a time long-awaited. Please prepare for your respective journeys. 
In Infinite Blessing,
we ARE the Council of El’ohim through this one
Blue*Star*Kachina*/daphne’ karan daniz


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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