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11:11 PM
Feast of the Epiphany Old Christmas
6 January 2014
This is an experiment, to see if the energetics are willing to flow more easily this way. Yes, something does feel slightly more enhanced in terms of the flow of the language. It was difficult with the handwriting for some odd reason.
Angelic Council of the El’ohim
via Kachina*Blue*Star (Daphne’ Karan Daniz)
We have been wanting to communicate with this particular instrument for some time now, there had to be much ferreting out of those particularities of the nervous system and intellectualization that prohibited a free-flow of spontaneous rhythmic association of our frequencies.
There is a kind of music in our voice and cadence. We are song-makers and masters and we long to share this gift and skill with those that have the ears to hear. 
Now, we would say this to you. Be ready. Be ready for that which is at hand, for the outer times on your world are about to take a dramatic plunge for the unpredictable and unstable. For you must understand that the foundational elements of the past are in systematic dismissal. They are done with. Over. And finished. There is no longer energetic support for those aspects of 3d life which support oppression, which support usury, which support tyranny. 
Because there is not support, that which is still ensconced in this dynamic has no “juice” to support it, and it becomes as a beast which is hungry for energy and food. In this way, it is most important to remain in NEUTRALITY and not fuel the impending upheaval with fear, which is of a ‘lower’ vibrational order. 
Many will be stunned by the upcoming events of the next 2-3 months, many have not seen it coming. They have assumed that life would go on as it always had, in the kind of cog-work of a well oiled machine. But the machine has introduced into it new elements which are of the nature of the “wild card” and the nature of the quanta, the unpredictable, and the unstoppable, because people are waking  up. And consciousness translates into energy, and energy into fortitude, and courage and eventually into “wisdom of the heart”.
This is not knowledge, this is wisdom. One may have knowledge w/o wisdom, but not wisdom w/o knowledge. Wisdom is old, and it includes, is based upon, love. Compassion. Empathy. Inclusiveness. Kindness. These things we think you know, but the deeper aspects are presenting here. They are asking you to recognize that your own sovereign authority is critical in the upcoming days and weeks and months. That your unique connection to your heart-courage and God-Source is demanded of you now.
There will be those who try to challenge your “right” to self-determination, this, in the arena of health care, of travel, of food, of rights as a sovereign being of the earth, and citizen of a nation. And it is in just such a time that one must honor the Truth of Self and God-Source which is within. You were not meant to be slaves, and the shackles of your ignorance must be removed from your lives, and from your experiences.
You are the Winged Ones about to take flight, about to cast off that which no longer serves, and which no longer uplifts. You are a creative being, a feeling and thinking being, and a loving being. Know this. 
In the days and weeks ahead much shall come onto your plate to challenge you, to try to knock you off balance, to try to dislodge you from your own center. But YOU must be your own metronome, your own calibrator of frequency, your own initiator of constant connection with Source Divine. For as you practice this, as it is solidified and cemented into your being, you become for others a kind of calibration touch stone, a kind of Divine Tuning Rod. 
As more and more souls hold the music of the Higher Octave of the TerraNova/NewEarth/TerraChrista it literally creates an override of the lower form worlds of fear and subjugation. This is in process, it has been in process for a very long while, since your Civil War in the United States. But now there is momentum that is translating into being airborne, into “take flight” into the support of the New Foundation by a critical mass and number of people.
As this starts to ring and resonate throughout the world, a reverberation effect starts to pulse, starts to wave, and there becomes Sympathetic Vibration, also called the Morphogenetic Field. This is currently igniting all over Gaia, and activating those codons and DNA energy signatures connecting both Hu Man and Gaia, in addition to the flora and fauna.
All is in uplift, all is spiraling upward in the evol<==>love, the Balance Point, the Stasis, the disengagement from the lower realms of contraction.
You are about to fly. Fasten your belts around you. This is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You are called to hold steady now, not just for yourselves but for thousands who will follow energetically in your footsteps/wingflaps.
We are the Angelic Council of the El’ohim : :
Adonai, Pax Christos



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divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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