Gateway to the Infinite: Activation of the “Pi”-neal 3.14 Spiral Consciousness

March 15, 2014
The collective is about to upgrade to the 3.14 Pi, the Spiral Consciousness, and this will be introduced on that date, implemented on the 3.21, experienced by many on the 3.30, and “fastened” into the Gaian grids on the 4.04. All is frequency and All is moving up and away from the collective
bog-down of the past centuries. Timelines are releasing and realizing untanglement, free to co-create interdimensionally with the assenting/ascending nod of those in Co-Creation with Gaia.
This is a continuation of the aforementioned update. The beginnings of the “unwinding” are in occurrence at the PRESENT mom-ent, and those readily BALANCING the inner male/female will find the KEY to unlocking the mysteries of navigating the NEW FIELDS of TerraNova/NewEarth.
She/Gaia/Gaea is now ready for the “starfiring” of those galactic code sequences that are harbored within her energetic ley and grid-lattice structures, and Gaia shall begin to MOVE those persons holding specifically calibrated Light Encodments to various spaces and places on her physical terrain for the purposes of ANKHoring and BRAIDING said frequencies with the new TEMPLATE of the Chrystos.
This next aspect of the orchestration is highly PHYSICALIZED and will involved for many much TRAVEL of specific and purposeful design. There are dates of GATES that are to be attended to, and though logic is not dictating the “planning” there shall be an interfacing of the LINEAR and the SPIRAL at this time, as there is a BRIDGE working in place.


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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