Through the 3.14 ~ 3.21 ~ 3.30 Equinox “Gateway-Step” Dates, Akin to Moving Chess Pieces

We speak to you now of the updating of the Spiral Consciousness, in the way of the physical form. You are experiencing the compressions and pulling of the density of your current world and physical bodies, which are not as yet “up to speed” and in alignment with the templates of the new Photonique Architecture emanating now from your Galactic Center. 

As the weeks move into April you shall notice a decided “sloughing off” of material from the physical vehicle, this takes the guise of ideas, intellectualizations, emotions, attachments now leaving the body via heat. A new “tabla rasa” is being built at your vibrational body-core now, and must be brought into form.
Stabilization of this new aspect shall take approximately 4 weeks’ time, during which many are being shifted to new territory and physical domains on Gaia as she is moving you, akin to chess pieces, to the spot most advantageous for the next dispensation of Light Activation.
For you see, you all act as facets on a great jewel shining, a very particular lens and harmonique of light, and this frequency shall be called into play and alignment in her “symphony” at just the right moment.
Now you CAN, and are encouraged to ASK for that part which you’d like, whether tympani and staccato or flute and sweet languid melody, however she shall answer you by placing your particularity of expression in a precise place in the field of alignment. 
Think of a great ballet, and a master choreographer. He/she moves his dancers and re-arranges them as he sees the *Dance* coming to life. It is created in the instance of the co-operative interplay of the members of the 
Dance Company of Heaven.
Right now you are sweating out your old baggage, encumberances, aches, pains and excuses which keep you tethered to that which is static, stationary, and non-kinetic. A new level of flow and form and finesse is being brought into essence, into accommodation to be physicalized. The new Dance is much more fluid than the old and uses organic timing signatures, rather than linear ones. 
You are learning to bridge into Spiral Consciousness from the linear, to move back and forth to weave the dimensional densities of spontaneity and discipline/focus.This is no trivial task, much must be “undone”. Old habits die hard, have patience.
we are the El’ohim with this One
daphne’ karan daniz/Kachina*blue*star*


divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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