Regarding the Camelot Frequencies : : Gift of the Lioned-Hearted and Planetary Directives

23 November 2014

Message from the El’ohim/Collective of the Great White Brotherhood

(this message was instigated by the tremendous heaviness of heart felt throughout the Planetary Fields during the 51st anniversary of the assassination of JFK)

Though some portions of the transcipt below pertain to a specific person and circumstance, there are overriding elements that are very pertinent to much of what many individuals are now experiencing regarding the Separation of Worlds, hence the decision to share the information.

Blessings, daphne’/Kachina*Blue*Star*

Elohim: We would ask that you refrain from judgment in the present situation, as not all elements have yet played themselves out. It is tempting to collapse oneself into the despair of the moment, yet there are elements still you do not understand.

There shall be yet further communication, and we daresay connection of a profound nature — you have been brought together purposefully.

This connection is draining both of you of the ability to hide in old patterns of operation, of feelings of fear and insecurity, indeed it is cathartic and cleansing, for you are in the process of re-individuation of self as embodied in the body, mind, spirit and temple complex —  of all past yearnings and association and painings being cleansed from the entirety of your being, you are being created anew.

You are carrying great evollutinary directives for the entire collective in the physiology of your being, and as such, have been unable to synchronize with the more traditional directives of your culture. We realize this has been extremely hard on you, and ask that you take heed, realizing that soon you shall be able to partake more as the frequencies are leveling up to the point and placement where you can be recognized, loved and appreciated, for you have brought great service to the realm, great stamina and courage, and endured great hardship in order to help others.

We continue — the last days you have experiencd stellar activation of cellular importance, in that the old timelines frequencies had to be resonated in order to be de-commissioned. They had to be brought forward into the consciousness in order to be reignited and thus purged from the manifestation field. Currently your manifestation field is undergoing vast re-organization, and the deciding principles of alignment with Gnosis and Source are re-activating at a greater depth of cellular potency in your biological matrix.

You are activating the inter-dimensional aspect of your biological dispensation now, and the start-up aspects of this are akin to much smoke and soot being present at the initiation of a clear, bright, hot-burning flame.

This is a flame of love, of the Enkindled Heart, of the Heart in Service to the Christ, which knows no bounds and burns forever through the dark mire of the mis-deeds of human experience and endeavor. For you have come as Tuner : : and Frequency activator, holding the Elememtal consciousness in alignment with the Higher Stellar Activations.

The personal aspect of this time has been far from easy for you, for what is required is no less than a death of all prsonal attachments to ego infatuation or desire, living in totality at the level of Transpersonal Service. This can feel extremely harsh at times, a life of dis-passion and dis-connectedness, yet we assure you that great love and Appreciation are in store for those who walk this path in Faith, for the Greater Love of the Great Central Sun shall come to ignite the Heart of those who are willing to undergo this initiation.

The relation with ‘R’ is not failed, nor is it completed in any sense of the world, or word, there is still much to uncover and share, ‘R’ is yet in the exploratory and investigative stage of egoic purification and personality inveighing against what ‘R’ perceives to be an unwelcome intrusion into ‘R’s’ life in terms of stabilized modus operandi.

You have come into ‘R’s’ life to “stir the pot” to shake things up a bit, to provide the light and tenacity to move through the false walls and barriers erected in defense of a wounded heart.

In the next two months there shall be much opening, much discussion, much exploration of this connection, though at the moment you may well feel this is impossible and that all doors have closed. But things are not as they appear on the surface, just as when a woman conceives a child, there are not any outwardly apparent signs of her gestation of new life, save for the cessation of the monthly cycle.

We are the Elohim with this one, daphne’/Kachina*blue*star*

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divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

3 thoughts on “Regarding the Camelot Frequencies : : Gift of the Lioned-Hearted and Planetary Directives

  1. Thank you for posting this message, there was much in it forme as well. Wish I could get such detailed info for my own path too!


    P.S. I had not been receiving notification of your posts for a while and I couldn’t open your blog, now for whatever reason it seems to work again. Good to hear from you again! 🙂

    1. dear Zarah,

      you are very welcome, nice to hear from you again too,
      I can recommend Aluna Joy’s latest article re: the frequencies
      we are now integrating,
      I am also curious which aspect of my post you found helpful and in
      what respect?

      blessings to you, daphne’/kachina*blue*star*

    2. Happy New Year Sarah,

      looking back here over old articles and comments, am reading Winging with Whitehawk’s blog, you might enjoy this, a shamanic perspective,

      hoping to be writing more this year, delving into Manly P. Hall’s lectures on YouTube and Atlantean history, some evolutionary astrology with Phillip Lindsay, etc

      more info coming from the Elohims seems to be personally directed, but might benefit some others, perhaps I’ll post,

      alles guete! d/kachina*blue*star*

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