The Column Effect : :

February 13, 2015

From the Elohim::

Incoming sequences of photonic light are aligning in Full muli-dimensional sequences, enabling the harmonization of complexities  and refinements of “purging”. Take care with self and others, nurturance and gentleness are called for now.

You are acting as Light Columns, foundationing the 5D platforms, which have reached a level of stabilization.

Movement on foot and in transport may help integrate the new frequencies, periods of hot, cold, fatigue and vertigo are not uncommon.

Rest assured, all is well and in process of acceleration into the Spring Equinox.

We are the Elohim through this one d/kachina*blue*star*



divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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