StabiliZAtion of Form : : OverRiding 3d : : The StairStepsOfOctaveHarmoniques : : AlphaOmegaAlpha

Blue : : YOD : : Daphne' Karan Danis : :

by Daph’n’Ah KaRaDa’n’ : : IS

(daphneKarandanis : : daphnaKaranDanis)

[these ARE constituent soundForms of the proto~variety, the basic tonalities which make up the physicalization of perceived matter]

~~a beautiful message came forth this morning through my awakening I AM self/consciousness DaphnAH (AscendingHuman)~~

Beloveds ~~ You have before you now, in the Infinite Containment Vessel of the Grand Design of the *Hotel* of Life, a Stabilization of the New Proto~Forms of Gaia :: we say again, a Stabilization of the New Proto~Forms of Gaia.  This is a Star~Seeded Platform of Crystalline Alignments which shall enable a further harmonization and balancing of duality poles, which are quickly being integrated, as the last vestiges of non~ integrated aspects of ego mind are coming to the Zero~point functionality to be Awakened.

Because, YES, you ARE being awakened from a vast and infinitely deep slumbering of unfathomable proportions, a kind of Galactic Night the…

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divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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