Elohim Message through the scribe dkk/Kachina*blue*star*

20 May 2015

“Immersion into NoTime and Its Effects on Elements of the Life Stream”

We speak now of the elements of the Life Stream which collide to make way for New Opportunities through the presenting of situations needing to raise in vibration — where factors have allowed [in the past] too much coagulation, resulting in deep ossification/densification and lack of energetic expansive flow. The immersion experience of the NOW timelessness frame, the moving out of sequentialized thought perceptions, brings back to Grace and Resetting of the Pristine Golden Template of the Initial conception of the Soul’s Overprint.

In simple parlance, the necessity of quieting the emotions and stilling the mind leads to an experience that moves the individual out of the ravages of Time/Space, and into the Healing Graces of the upper echelons of healing attunement.

The photonic bombardments which your cells are currently undergoing is allowing for amplification of Light encodements in the blood and corpuscular elements of your biology, to infuse the current bodysuit with higher levels of neutrino and electron functionality.

This allows said biology to enhance its functionality in major ways of Wayshowing to the general poulation, as the ravages of the lower levels of densification in the 3D world will cease to have the deleterious effects they once had.

Immersion Experiences

You learn now to go into and out of different frequencies of the Chromatic Spectrum and interact at will. You are learning to direct frequency-focus, and thus balance, in needed areas much the way you measure out those needed ingredients for a favorite recipe. Insodoing, your “quality of energetic focus” is the Key Instrument whose mastery you now seek.

Attunement innerly is required to expand the interior space of Awakening, and thus break the confines of the lower-vibrating 3D world. This is the true meaning of “be in the world, but not of it.” You may then experience the world without it defining or lowering your frequency in any manner. You are becoming the Tuning Rods for the externalized Reality and not the other way around.

The Photonic downloads are thus allowing freedom from the particulate Matter Structuralizations, placing the individual more frequently in the Proto-Matter state, thus creating a more Liquid Life Architecture in an almost continual manner of Becoming, rather than a continuous mental referencing to what had been previously “cemented” into physical form.

Photonic Light Upgrades Free the Physical Envelope

The physical light upgrades currently being experienced by the collective are enabling the dissolution of those density-bound structures which kept life experiences stabilized at lower, ie, painful, density. Harmonization can occur when a critical threshold of Light Magnetics are allowed to be transported to the interior of the cellular matrix of the body physical.

The resultant DNA and mitochondrial changes are then akin to a kind of intenal super-nova activation of the Solar/Soular sun within EACH cell, and the Body pHysical (intentional pH there, referencing the healed pH balancing of the body) begins to erupt into spontaneous Light Activation and Integration. This is hapepening now in Waves on the planet as the photonic package downloads are being received and integrated by the critical numbers of persons located in specific activation points and portals all over the surface of the Gaia Grid.

A kind of Lightening effect is now in the activation stage of moving through the population.

We are the Awakening Ones, Elohim, through this scribe dkk/Kachina*blue*star*



divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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