Mass Ascension, Magnetic Pole Reversal and Mass Exctinctions – Part 1 – Cosmic Consciousness Online

Infinite Shift

Mass Ascension,
Magnetic Pole Reversal,
and Mass Extinction
Expanding Awareness on LP-40
Part One
by Simeon Chi’Ra 05/22/15

My beloved brothers and sisters of love… it is truly time for a “heads up, eyes open, no fear reality check”! Are you aware of the following?

1) The south pole has already left Antarctica and the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean.
2) “Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip.” -Mission Manager, SWARM/ESA
3) The magnetic field began weakening in 1600.
4) The magnetic field weakened 10% from the 1800s to 2000.
5) Earth’s magnetic field weakened another 5% by 2010.
6) As of 2014 the magnetic field is continuing to weaken rapidly.
7) Magnetic reversals can occur in less than 100 years.
8) Magnetic reversals can cause rapid oxygen loss.
9) Magnetic reversals lead to extinction events.
10) Magnetic reversals may cause biblical floods (i.e. star water…

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