G4 Geomagnetic storm hits Earth and another Earth facing CME is on the way

Infinite Shift

By Laron

The above image is the current status — as of the time of this article — of the Kp index graph on the NOAA Solar Data site. The red graphs which have reached up to the number 8, indicate a G4 Geomagnetic storm, as per NOAA’s scale here.

What does all this mean? Some of you already have a good understanding of how this impacts the Earth, and life on the Earth, as the energies reach us from these CMEs. Something I picked up yesterday, was a news story saying that the radar system for the whole of New Zealand, went down. This meant flights were grounded across the country, and planes in the air could not use their radars. You can find the story on Stuff here, ‘Flight delays after radar fault grounded flights nationwide’.

I haven’t been closely watching other news, so if you have noticed…

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