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Delicious and dessert-like, bananas are a fruit preferred by a vast majority of humans. They are usually one of the first foods we are given because they digest easily and offer such optimal nutrition, but did you know that they are also excellent as a compound to use to whiten the teeth?

That’s right, the high amounts of potassium, magnesium, and manganese in the ripe banana can be applied to the teeth to remove stains and whiten them. Below are the steps we suggest if you want to use this folksy, homemade, and proven method:

  1. Get a banana that is just ripe (it may still have trace amounts of green at each end, but not too much). Using a banana at this level of ripeness ensures that the peel contains optimal levels of potassium (which is the substance that really brightens the teeth);
  2. Open the banana like a monkey does…

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