Opening to the New – Golden Age of Gaia

Infinite Shift

I have a war going on inside me, a real catfight between the old normal me and the new normal.

There are developments happening behind the scenes which can’t be discussed yet. I do however have permission to discuss their impact on me.

I’ve known about the particular development for a while but actually confronting my role now, the old normal is rebelling.

It’s saying: “You’re not good enough. What are they asking of you? You can’t do that.” And finally, the old inevitable: “Who do you think you are?” Got me on that one.

The new normal is replying: “Bring it on. You bet. Let’s do it.”

The new normal, being transformative, above the line, (1) consciously aware, is resolute. The old normal can find no foothold here. There’s no room in love for artifice, contrivance, pretense.

What this particular battle is about is winning my allegiance and the…

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divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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