Onion.City: The New Way to Scour the Dark Web without Tor


OnionCity Search the Dark Web without Tor

One software developer has built a new way to search the deep dark web of .onion domains without the use of the Tor browser bundle, while offering the same security and safe haven.

The dark web, you may have heard of it, the underground internet comprised of illicit services that requires an extra layer of anonymizing tools just to access. Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but the underground typically known as the deepweb, dark net, or .onion domain is officially referred to as the dark web. Often referred  to as the “hidden internet,” the subinternet offers everything from drug marketplaces, to hidden Wiki’s all the way to hiring a hitman online.

While the dark web may be crawling with a list of services, it also has a lot to offer. Especially for heavily censored nations, Tor browser, the anonymizing tool needed to access the dark web, can open…

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