This 2016 Presidential Candidate will Blow You Away with His Proposals …

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: This 2016 Presidential Candidate will Blow You Away with His Proposals … – The Freedom Articles

Makia Freeman

March 17, 2016

2016 presidential candidate Andy Basiago

Andy Basiago: the only 2016 presidential candidate who proposes to ban fluoride & chemtrails, legalize cannabis, break up Monsanto, end the Fed, disclose the truth about ETs, Mars, secret technology and more …

What if there were a 2016 presidential candidate

who proposed banning fluoride, aspartame and fracking, protecting the right NOT to be vaccinated, working with the Alternative Media instead of the Mainstream Media, legalizing marijuana/hemp/cannabis, stopping police brutality and militarization and breaking up Monsanto? What if I told you this 2016 presidential candidate also proposed ending predatory banking, ending the Fed, banning geoengineering, opposing transhumanism, reforming the CIA, establishing a truth process in government, honoring Edward Snowden as a hero and re-investigating 9/11? What if I further told you that this 2016 presidential candidate proposed stopping the US from…

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