Predators of Humanity, According to Carlos Castaneda

Deus Nexus


Source:House of the Sun | by Carol Herzer and Dirk Gillabel

“You have arrived, by your effort alone, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the topic of topics. I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.” 

When your soul finally awakes, and starts to become more aware of one’s environment, and of oneself, then the first step is made on what we call the spiritual path. It is a path of discovery. Initially it is about what life is about and the identity of oneself in this grand scheme of creation. It is all about awareness. Becoming aware of “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?” and “Where am I going to?”

At a certain point the spiritual…

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divine Ankh~or and Tuner : : of the Christed Frequencies architecting New Earth via the messages of the El'ohim

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