Energy Update ~ High Frequency SOLar Winds, Crystals/Crystalline Structures Tuning ~ May 21, 2017


By Lisa Brown, 05/20/2017

Today’s Energy Update: High Frequency SOLar Winds, Crystals/Crystalline Structures Tuning: Activating & Embodying, Galactic Aspects, Ascended Aspects…. DO YOU LEAD AS LOVE?

Aloha BE-LOVE-d Crystalline Gridkeeper,

Yes, if you are here, you are a NEW Earth Crystalline Gridkeeper and it’s an important role for us all. At first we don’t realize this, as we just “think” that we are “just one person” and don’t contribute much and that we are going through everything “of our own”…. As humans, we also mis-perceive everything that highest dimensional existence really is. Especially when it comes to the physical body and the physical reality….  ♥

Collective Ascension means that everyone on Earth is experiencing this. It’s just different for each one, yet gazillions each collective (which changes continually), and each shifting collective is experiencing in their own way. Individual stories are just that… our unique experience that we all…

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Quantum Energy Report & Multi-Dimensional Christed Consciousness Mastery Tools ~ May 19, 2017

Awesome from USA 🦁


By Lisa Brown, 05/18/2017

Days of Pure Crystalline, Diamond Light Codes and Rainbow Frequencies continue softly, with a bit of gamma mildly stimulating in the background….

We are “preparing” as all is gearing up for the increased power activations that are about ready to come through…..

Right now, everything is soft, yet a range of high frequency SOLar winds, gamma, crystalline… everything is softly active and steady…… continually going higher and higher… which is our “norm” daily now…..

We never stop going higher and it’s this continual progression that is pushing any suppression up and out….. While we may shift gravitationally for a bit, we stopped descending as a planet and now it’s continual expansion/contraction and gravity shifts……

These GRAVITY SHIFTS make all feel the presence of everything… no more pushing anything back inside or not seeing what’s really going on, no more suppression…. the body and physical realities…

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Energy Update ~ Physical Integration: The New Paradigms of Energetic Reality ~ May 15, 2017


By Jona Bryndis

As pointed out since the beginning of the year PHYSICAL INTEGRATION is and will continue to be the main theme for this year. In two-three week cycles we will be hit with physical issues, no matter whether we understand the connection with our surrounding energies or not. Those of us familiar with the occurrence of this energetic sensitivity or empathetic way of seeing world are no exception! The only difference in our perception of what is going on ‘out there’ is that we are slightly better able to contextualize politics, environmental, emotional, energetic and physical phenomena – that is if we have chosen to CONSCIOUSLY USE and TRAIN OUR ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY.

You don’t need angel-spirit guides, gurus, presidents or astrologers to tell you how you feel – retrogrades, fighting dark forces, galactic mentors – those may be helping for some time or at a certain stage of…

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May 2017 Quantum Energy Report ~ Simplify Your Life ~ May 8, 2017


By Lisa Brown, 05/07/2017

These increasing cosmic, galactic, higher dimensional frequencies are re-structuring everything on a more advanced level now. Continually, increasingly, substantially… these are our words on a regular basis, because Galactic Earth Gaia’s/Our Ascension processes are not slowing down and shall not. They are not mean to. We are meant to adjust and hold more light in our own physical bodies…. more and more and more…. 

We are the ones who have to constantly adapt, constantly shift, constantly pull-away and anchor more light in our physical body structures. We are the ones that have to “learn” (Remember) how to EXIST in highest dimensional frequencies, how to manage all dimensional timelines, how to maneuver, how to function and LIVE in much lighter density realities……. 

With our physical bodies… they held all. They kept us anchored, we suppressed/shoved it all in/held on as we agreed to take on heavy…

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