Gridwork Update ~ Transmutation and The Crystalline Grid ~ October 20, 2016



By Katie IndiCrow, 10/20/2016

In this installment, Katie IndiCrow focuses on the crystalline grid, sharing her experience of transmutation and the ‘anchoring’ event which occurred on October 18, 2016. 

See original youtube link for access to Love is the Answer and an important post-recording afterthought

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Katie IndiCrow is an energy teacher, healer, and aligner. Visit her facebook page, IndiCrow Energetics, to see her current offerings and access her larger body of work:


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Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live

Deus Nexus


Source:Science and Nonduality | by Lothar Schäfer

There are many big questions to be curious about, and one of the most fascinating is this: What makes us human? I would say that everyone’s life is guided by an inner potential, and our supreme good lies in actualizing our potential. More than love and intelligence, or consciousness and joy of life, this potential and our deep need to actualize it are what makes us human. Everything we have built in the material world springs from that hidden urge, our inner sway and creative source. Our inner potential makes us who we are.

It’s not as if human potential is a new subject; there is a whole movement built around it. For most people, when it comes to achieving their full potential, they have barely begun to scratch the surface. The potential in you is part of a cosmic potentiality…

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Alexandra Meadors 10-16-16… “Urgent Message for Entire Ground Crew!!! October 16, 2016”

Kauilapele's Blog

alexandra_meadors_headshot_c_2Somewhere along the line, I have sensed there is a lot going on. I’d heard (or read) about stuff happening, like helicopters being in the air all over the place, etc. Then there was that Mission Galactic Freedom post. Holy crap!!… well, maybe it’s “Holy Light Influx!”

And now Alexandra’s message (“from a trusted anonymous Source”) may validate at least some of what I’m sure many have felt going on around (and within) them.

“This last couple of weeks have involved MAJOR PLANETARY SHIFTS through work I have been involved in or privy to. I have received the green light to disperse this information and recommend we all celebrate in such a momentous event.

Firstly, as of Monday the veil has “officially” come down and people will begin to see the truth of who they really are… Secondly, as of Thursday, TIME has been successfully unraveled and disentangled from…

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Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: The Pressure Cooker

Thank you again for all your tremendous I night Aliyah 🦁

Infinite Shift

Feeling the Energy?
Some years ago I was told by a psychic that I would be transmuting a great deal of energy through my body. And so it has been: night after night, day after day, for nearly seven years, I can feel it as a fine whine in my nerves that makes my body want to twitch. It is tortuous, a vibration like the whine of a dentist’s drill, drilling through my nerves. It is worse during celestial events, such as full moons and solar flares. On those nights I find myself screaming into my pillow and longing for rest, any rest. At first the energy caused restless leg syndrome, which I found I could stop with a bit of baking soda in a glass of water (1/2 tsp). Now, however, the energy is much finer and more insistent. I feel like I am being slowly electrocuted. My emotions are raw, and I…

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2 Billionaires Are Financing an Escape From the Real Matrix | Big Think

Infinite Shift

Do you think we’re actually living in a gigantic computer simulation like the one in The Matrix? If you do, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in some very famous, very wealthy company. Near the end of a recent New Yorkerarticleabout Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley tech-company incubator, this paragraph raised the possibility we’re in need of a red pill:

Many people in Silicon Valley have become obsessed with the simulation hypothesis, the argument that what we experience as reality is in fact fabricated in a computer; two tech billionaires have gone so far as to secretly engage scientists to work on breaking us out of the simulation

Source: 2 Billionaires Are Financing an Escape From the Real Matrix | Big Think

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Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: Ride the Wave!

Infinite Shift

The new energy is coming in waves. As forerunners, we can use our intent to choose our vibrational reality. Today, a big wave is coming from the center of the galaxy, and we can ride this energy like a surfer. If you oppose it, it will cause you distress which will appear in one or several ways: mental, emotional, physical. Like a surfer, you cannot fight the ocean, you can only align yourself with it; this wave is a real tsunami, focused mainly on the head chakras — #6 and #7. The crown of our new self is “crowning” now.

This message is combined with the last message. To understand how to align yourself with the energy of the wave, please read:

Energy Report for Week 10-10

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The Best Cures For Ascension Symptoms – Cosmic Starseeds

Infinite Shift

By now most people have heard of ascension symptoms associated with energy fluctuations and clearing in the body. As more photonic light is showered upon the planet, our bodies continue to clear out the old to make way for the new. Our bodies are morphing and expanding like a butterfly in a cocoon, and the emergence will allow the freedom to spread our wings and fly to places we’ve only dreamed of…

Source: The Best Cures For Ascension Symptoms – Cosmic Starseeds

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