Ascension Hang Over – The Blues, the Rage and the Flu ~ Vera Ingeborg

Our Shifting Perspective

Waaaaah, September has been a ride so far. A burn out mixed with emotional explosions. Depending on the individual’s journey and ascension wave they are part of, people have been experiencing intense purging for self and the collective and intense physical symptoms. As already described in the last article, the September energies were really wearing us out into surrender. Anger, frustration a feeling of not belonging and being homesick were predominant for those still going through emotional breakouts. Others experienced a complete emotional healing, ‘only’ having to deal with new physical ascension symptoms. After the eclipses and two 999 portals, including a Mercury retrograde that ended yesterday, it felt like a huge ascension hangover: Intense fatigue, flu symptoms and vertigo were accompanying many. September 22 was a peak date up to a point where people just thought they would die because the pain was almost unbearable. The good news:…

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LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Passing by Black Hole Systems”

Dreaming With Dolphins


“We need simple human kindness more than anything right now.  I appeal to the spiritual community to stop bickering and complaining and get to the real spiritual work of being a truly loving and kind human being. Nothing will change on this planet if you are feeding into the divide and conquer tactics and victimizer programs by blaming and accusing others, feeling miserable and allowing yourself to sink into the mire and become a black hearted human being.”   ~Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Given the absolute chaos and energetic intensity during the last weeks that have been accumulating pressure in the planetary fields as a result of the Magnetic Peak cycle, I felt to share recent personal experiences from my heart, as it has been a very challenging time for so many people. For some of us on the spiritual awakening path, especially for Gridworkers, this time has been…

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: The Realms Have Begun To Shift | Forever Unlimited

Infinite Shift

I am he that is known as Michael. I am he that has stood behind you, who has backed you, who has separated you from your grief, from your angers, from your limitations. I am he that walks with you on this day. I ask that you beckon and call upon me to stand to the front, to the back, to the left, to the right, above and below of your energies. I ask you to call to me on a daily basis and ask me to cover you with my protection.

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Jupiter Transiting The Super Galactic Center: A Time For Emergence And An Ascension In Consciousness

Thank you Aliyah🐺🐱🦁😄

Infinite Shift

Jupiter, over the next three weeks, until around the 8th October, is transiting the Super Galactic Center (SGC), this is a wonderful, once only every 12 years, occurrence. The SGC is that part of the zodiac that is super-charged, and, it contains, and, radiates very powerful energies.

I write this message in the hopes that it will give you encouragement and bring you joy.

Jupiter is, right now, as I write this (September 15), exactly on the SGC, and, Jupiter’s expansive nature brings us the fabulous opportunity of being able to connect with our life purpose, ideals, beliefs, spirituality, etc.

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Mid-September Wave: Comfort in the Unknown | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Bless Sandra from Santa Cruz and Bonnie Doon🦁

Infinite Shift

Gratitude to all who participated in the 999 – 9/11 Grid amplifications. Gatekeepers managed to anchor new Grid points last week and the new Grid levels have already begun to activate. After a week of driving and anchor point activations, I arrived at the crystalline vortex in Arkansas prior to the 999. This is my third mission in the Southern US since 2001, and it will most likely be the shortest. Energetic layers over this vortex are lifting quickly, just as they did in Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma during the journey here. Small quakes are popping up along the new line. Gaia is responding, releasing the new timeline codes. A visit from Melchizedek revealed the deconstruction of many old realities, and the collective design of new ones. Much has occurred, however it is best for me to stay present rather than recount details of the past week.

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Yaaaaawn! Energies are wearing you out to Surrender – Wake Up Experience

Infinite Shift

The September energies are really something, hm? We have to get used to their power, speed and intensity. They are HOT, baby. And as quickly as they burn, as quickly they are causing a feeling of being burnt out. It is like learning to surf this fiery wave. We have these moments standing on the board thinking: ” Yeah, I am standing, I am surfing, I am navigating – what a bliss!” Just to be thrown off the board by an unexpected current and diving back into emotional turmoil and overthinking.

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NUMEROLOGY OF THE SHIFT FROM 2012-2016 – Rising Frequencies

Infinite Shift

I have always known that 2016 is a 9 year which represents the upper section of the infinity symbol 8.  I knew it was telling me that we were in the year of upper consciousness, but there was more.  So, I waited…..then I started seeing 7’s everywhere.  The first thing I felt was that the 7 was a path leading to a bridge or a platform.  But to where?  Then it hit me!  I remembered how we moved above the plane to a new location last year.  I drew the 7 over the 8, with the upper part of the seven going through the middle of the 8, and it all just unfolded.  I did the numerology for the years from 2012 to present, and it now makes sense.  All of the articles I have been writing fell into place.  I have to say that this is my clairvoyant interpretation…

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